Let’s Skype

The design for the new Skype office in Stockholm, Sweden is based on the spirit of the company itself and how it is a useful and playful tool that connects the world.

Created within a former brewery, PS Arkitektur was charged with expressing the Skype brand’s playful spirit and its mission to connect the world in the working environment. To do so, the designers used round shapes, fun light fixtures and bright-color furnishings in an otherwise almost completely white space.

The rounded shapes of the furnishings and cloud-like lights are reminiscent of Skype’s rounded font and cloud logo. The Stockholm office predominately works with audio and video development and the specially made wallpapers with cables, earphones and other devices technique pay tribute to this fact.

The Skype office, designed by PS Arkitektur, is simply stunning, beautiful, and spacious with its ability to accommodate 100 staff members in its offices and social areas.