Etsys Handmade, Vintage Office

If you love any and everything hand-made then you will definitely find the Etsy Headquarters to die for! Etsy is a social commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies. So it’s kind of like crafty cross to eBay and Amazon.

Etsys office is located in the DUMBO [‘Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass’] neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, which is the perfect location for this crafty social commerce company.

DUMBO is an arts-focused neighborhood full of renovated buildings that were once factories or warehouses, but they now are home to a growing community of studios and vibrant web companies.

The office is all on one floor, with most folks sitting out in an open floor plan. Some of the furniture and materials used in the space desks, conference tables, kitchen flooring and cabinetry were items created and installed by Etsy sellers.

Etsys motto, Live Handmade, is obviously taken seriously by their staff — all of whom are craftspeople and artists in their own right — because they took the redesign into their own hands and successfully created [and located] an office that reflects Etsys handmade and vintage spirit.