About Me

Hey everyone! Im Josie and this is my blog which I have been wanting to set up for a while. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Interior design has always been a passion of mine, but for some reason I put it on the back-burner until recently. I took a much more vested interest in it and the design and functionality of workspaces once I became a member of white collar America. I realized just how important it is to love the space you work in, wherever that may be.

If someone is going to spend the majority of their day and week in an office, then it should a least be a place that they can enjoy and want to be in. A thoughtfully designed office fitout has the benefit of boosting productivity and providing for a more relaxed and enjoyable workspace.

My blog will showcase a variety of office spaces, from corporate to residential offices, and detail the functionality of each space, as well as, select pieces of furniture that I find delightful, and ways to maintain good health in the office.